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Segaris Art Center present ‘AQAL II

Segaris Art Center presents its latest exhibition 'AQAL II to welcome 2017 with a stable of new talents.

“A successful art school must evolve important artist…A great faculty attracts interesting students, who teach one another. It’s about participating in a collective sphere of challenging and critical exchange, rather than being taught specific techniques”

Daniel Birnbaum

Art has a power of agency, of making things happen, of transforming ideas into actions. As it promotes critical thinking, art does not necessarily equal positive understanding or practical formulation.

The graduate program in Fine Art and Technology, UiTM prepares the young student artist with a complex & creative environment. The emphasis on visual research is the key element in art making where understanding and discovery comes only through the process of making and that the creation or generation of new knowledge is embedded within the work they make, even if they do not describe it in such terms.

These young artist students have done an excellent job of creating a shared artistic climate, which at the same time supports their individual accomplishments as practitioners. There have been some interesting, intelligent paintings and innovative studio processes made by these students with all the critical and aesthetic acumen that one could hope for. There are also some who began at a point of interest, go off on a tangent, followed their creative instinct, broke new grounds, and introduced new forms.

AQAL 2 represents a challenging process of studio practice run by the program at UiTM Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya, one of the prominent studio-art programs in the country. Students coming into the program often have nothing in common other than that they were all selected in a particular session of interview where nothing promising was guaranteed. They each come with a different purpose; from diverse backgrounds both in their artistic practice and their social/cultural and educational affiliation. Nevertheless, the one ground that binds them together is the passion to engage in exploring the creative territories that are represented in all artistic disciplines. The exhibition, organized by Segaris Art Center is the testing ground for these young artists to venture into the domain of industry where ‘talent’ and opportunity is linked through an intensive studio-practiced and immersive learning experience. The collective objective is to pave this linkage between the academia and industry.

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