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Sketch Book

Coming Soon!

SEGARIS ART CENTER is proud to host an art exhibition titled “Sketchbook” that will feature a selection of over 30 artists’ sketchbooks.


Designed to be easily portable, a sketchbook is often kept in an artist’s pocket or bag and offers an unusually personal glimpse into the artist at work. Drawings and notes in sketchbooks vary from travel sketches and nature and figure studies to copies after the old masters, expense accounts, and lists of pictures. Some sketchbooks are self-conscious, while others are filled with seemingly random, hastily drawn sketches and doodles. Still others reveal the progression of an idea or are conceived as a whole.


“A sketchbook puts you at the centre of your learning. It’s somewhere to question your own work without necessarily finding answers. It’s a place where you can log ideas that may or not be used later, playing with your ideas and externalising your thoughts. If you use one regularly all your various interests will be stored in one place helping you to make new connections. Sketchbooks can both widen and intensify your focus. They help you to think, explore, record, reflect, experiment and collect your thoughts.”


A sketchbook always serves the purpose of practice, personality, point of view, possibility and pursuit. In this exhibition we would like to invite the audience to see through artist’s minds and sometimes a progress work.


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